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SEDG offers a variety of engineering, design, and consulting services that aim to optimize a project’s delivery.  SEDG designs the structures to withstand gravity and lateral loads in the most efficient method possible. This is done by engaging with other design professionals, such as geotechnical engineers and contractors. Sterling then prepares the drawings and construction documents to reflect the process.

One of SEDG’s greatest strengths is providing insight at the schematic design stage that helps ensure a project stays within the budget parameters throughout the design phase. The schematic design sets the basis for all architectural, M.E.P., and other designs associated with a project. It specifies the type of structural system that will be used, along with basic structural element dimensions. If a schematic design is not properly planned and requires changes, it may create significant cost overruns and delays for the project. 

When SEDG is not the primary engineer on a project, it offers consulting services in the form of value engineering review to identify potential cost-saving design changes that the project engineer may have overlooked. This service can be very beneficial to clients planning large-scale projects, and for those working with a limited budget. The design phase has the most opportunities to provide cost savings on a project if construction documents are carefully planned.

SEDG also provides peer review services that analyze a project’s engineering to verify that it meets structural and code requirements. This exercise is important when a project is unique and uses new design practices. The second set of eyes can identify potential issues for the project performance under intended design functions.



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