Schematic Design & Design Development
Schematic Design is the initial phase of structural planning for a building, creating a simplified visual layout of key components like columns, beams, and walls. It sets the foundation for detailed planning, ensuring alignment with function and safety requirements.

Design Development is the phase that refines the building's structural elements and systems based on schematic design, ensuring safety and performance standards are met. It bridges the gap between initial concepts and construction-ready blueprints, incorporating structural integrity into the overall design.

Construction Documents
Construction Documents are detailed plans and specifications, including engineering drawings, calculations, and material specs. We provide precise instructions for building structural components, serving as the essential guide for safe and accurate construction.
Construction Administration & Field Services
Construction Administration is the phase where engineers and managers oversee construction, ensuring it aligns with plans and safety standards through site visits, inspections, and quality control. It's critical for realizing the structural design successfully.

Field Services during construction involve on-site activities by structural engineers and inspectors for real-time monitoring and quality control. We ensure correct installation, meeting design specs and safety standards, ensuring structural integrity.

TDI Windstorm Services
TDI Windstorm Services are inspections by the Texas Department of Insurance to evaluate building resilience against windstorms like hurricanes and tornadoes. We certify structures for safety and insurance compliance in high-risk windstorm areas.
Structural Assessment
Structural assessment is a detailed evaluation by experts to analyze a building's condition and stability. It covers materials, design, load-bearing capacity, and potential issues to assess safety, maintenance, and needed repairs or improvements.
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