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Where experience meets expertise.

Who We Are

SEDG provides a range of structural engineering services. It has years of experience working on a wide range of projects, from multi-family housing to commercial developments. SEDG has the expertise and engineering talent to bring designs and ideas to life.
SEDG has earned a reputation for being one of the most cost-efficient and reliable engineering firms in the business, helping it develop a loyal client base. SEDG immerses itself in all relevant aspects of a project, working diligently with developers, architects and contractors to ensure a project is built on time and stays within budget.
What separates SEDG from its competition is its expertise. The reason clients continue to use SEDG is because it incorporates current design trends and construction practices in its engineering solutions. SEDG's years of project insights combined with a highly motivated staff helps it deliver reliable engineering solutions to clients.



Why Choose SEDG?

  1. Project Experience: SEDG Engineering staff has provided services on over 3,000 projects around the world. This has given SEDG insight into developing the best solutions for a variety of construction challenges. SEDG's experience in engineering and design services has made us one of the most trusted firms in the industry.
  3. Design Expertise: SEDG trains its staff on using the latest software and technology in order to enhance our engineering services. Tools such as BIM software helps improve the speed and precision of SEDG's engineering, which creates savings for clients.
  5. Customer Service: SEDG is dedicated to communicating and providing attention to each client. Our project managers make themselves available to talk with owners, developers, and contractors to ensure that project progress is streamlined and efficient.