Steel Design

What distinguishes us from competitors is our comprehensive approach to steel design and detailing. By employing cutting-edge design software and building information models, we ensure our clients receive cost-effective and feasible steel designs. This strategy not only shortens the steel procurement timeline but also offers a more competitively priced solution, streamlining the entire process for greater efficiency.


For clients seeking swift construction coupled with adaptability for future modifications, Steel Design and Detailing offers an ideal solution.


We engineer structures fortified against wind and seismic forces by employing gravity support frame systems. This involves utilizing steel beams, channels, and joists in conjunction with composite decking floors and metal decking roofs.


SEDG implements steel design methodologies in a variety of contexts, including low-rise retail establishments and as transfer framing in mixed-use buildings, where residential framing (either timber or cold-formed steel) is situated above retail or amenity spaces.

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