Sandeep N. Patel

Chief Engineer P.E., S.E.

Mr. Patel embarked on his structural engineering journey in 1989 with Ellisor and Tanner, Inc., honing his skills in design, computer modeling, and field observations. Transitioning through various firms, including Bihner-Gentry Engineering and Pate Engineers, he acquired expertise in identifying structural problems and crafting solutions. In 2000, he founded SEDG, LLC, initially focusing on providing structural engineering services. Over the years, SEDG evolved into a multinational firm, renowned for innovative and cost-efficient design solutions, serving clients across the USA and Southeast Asia. Recognizing the importance of collaboration, Mr. Patel emphasizes early stakeholder interaction for project success. SEDG’s expansion into international markets, particularly India, Nepal, and Pakistan, demonstrates its commitment to disseminating American construction technology. With a specialization in post-tension concrete design, SEDG offers turnkey solutions, optimizing construction efficiency and profitability. Through partnerships with diverse investors, Mr. Patel ventured into hospitals, retail centers, and apartments, adopting the design-build approach for streamlined project delivery. Grounded in technical expertise and a global perspective, SEDG continues to advance, driven by a vision of delivering cost-efficient buildings worldwide.

Jarrod Hamilton


With over 22 years of experience in structural engineering, design, and project management, Jarrod Hamilton offers a wealth of expertise in a diverse range of projects. Specializing in mid/high rise projects, condominiums, apartments, hotels, and various commercial and institutional buildings, Jarrod has worked with a variety of materials including wood, masonry, structural steel, light gauge steel, tilt-up concrete, precast concrete, post-tensioned concrete, and reinforced concrete.

Throughout his career, Jarrod has been actively involved in all stages of the design and construction processes. His responsibilities have included coordinating project personnel, project design, planning, and budget control. He excels in value engineering to determine appropriate and economical structural systems, ensuring efficiency without compromising quality. Jarrod also conducts drafting accuracy reviews, mentors junior engineers, and prepares proposals for prospective projects. With his extensive experience and dedication to excellence, Jarrod Hamilton is a trusted professional in the field of structural engineering.

Donald Brick

VP of Business Development

Tiffany Nowak

Office Manager

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