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  • Sandeep Patel - Sterling Engineering

    Sandeep Patel, P.E., S.E.

    Founder & President

    Mr. Patel received his Master’s Degree in Structural Engineering from the University of Houston. After working for several structural engineering firms with a variety of different clients and projects, he started his own practice at SEDG. Mr. Patel has earned a reputation for providing innovative, cost-efficient design solutions.

  • Donald Brick - Sterling Engineering

    Donald Brick

    Vice President of Business Development

    After attending Southwest Texas State University, Mr. Brick began his own multi-family apartment management business. This experience gave Mr. Brick insight into marketing, management, and business operations, which he has brought with him to SEDG.

  • Jarrod Hamilton - Sterling Engineering

    Jarrod Hamilton

    Senior Vice President of Engineering

    Mr. Hamilton has been a leader at Sterling for over 14 years after graduating from Texas A&M. He has working on a wide range of projects including apartments, hotels, hospitals, garages, retail centers, and more.

  • Zeljko Arapovic - Sterling Engineering

    Zeljko Arapovic

    Project Manager

    Mr. Arapovic brings over 30 years of engineering expertise to SEDG. He has served as an engineer, manager, and consultant on a variety of projects across the globe. Mr. Arapovic has a thorough understanding of design practices gained from years of diverse engineering experience.

  • Jeffery Melkus - Sterling Engineering

    Jeffery Melkus

    Project Manager

    Mr. Melkus studied engineering and architecture at Texas Tech University. He was worked on major high rise and commercial projects for over 20 years, and provides valuable management insight to SEDG.

  • Fred Yokubaitis - Sterling Engineering

    Fred Yokubaitis

    Project Manager

    Mr. Yokubaitis is an alum of Texas A&M University, where he studied construction sciences. His construction knowledge has helped him develop design solutions to issues commonly faced in the field.