Wood Frame Design

Our wood frame solutions, crafted through years of dedicated refinement by our skilled team, stand as a testament to our commitment to excellence. By leveraging value engineering techniques, we meticulously assess the feasibility of timber construction, eliminate unnecessary costs, and enhance the functionality and quality of our designs.

Our proven track record in the field demonstrates the cost-effectiveness of our wood framing designs, particularly for residential projects like apartments and multi-family structures. These designs have undergone rigorous testing and validation, ensuring reliability and efficiency in real-world applications.

Our innovative wood frame solutions not only offer exceptional structural performance but also adhere to code requirements and promote sustainability. SEDG’s designs address critical considerations such as fire protection for structures up to five stories, seismic resilience, and mitigation of shrinkage issues.

Employing advanced shrinkage analysis technology, we conduct thorough calculations based on wood characteristics and moisture levels to furnish precise data for informed detailing decisions, ensuring the integrity and longevity of our wood frame designs.

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